Good for you and good for the earth.

Welcome to ECOPIA® Farms Direct.

Now, the artisan lettuces and gourmet greens that you have enjoyed in top Bay Area restaurants** are available for discriminating home cooks, like you.

ECOPIA® Farms produces nutritionally fresh, exquisitely flavorful lettuces and greens year-round in our proprietary, organically certified farms.  We grow directly for you, our customers, to ensure that you receive the freshest, best-tasting produce available.

What sets ECOPIA Farms apart?

  • Locally grown – Our produce is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than what is transported across the country and most of what is produced locally.  We pick fresh daily so you can enjoy prime-season quality year-round.
  • Sustainable growing practices – Our growing process uses 97% less water and 95% less land than other farms and produce providers.  According to the USDA, today’s farms average 75 gallons of water per lettuce head.  We use 12 oz.
  • Energy efficient – Our use of local warehouse space and our solar-ready system give Ecopia Farms an energy footprint advantage.
  • Chemical-free and certified organic – Our produce is grown entirely free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  Ecopia Farms’ produce is certified organic.

** We serve more than 30 local restaurants, a dozen of which have earned one or more Michelin Stars.  These restaurants, among others, include Alexander’s, Cin-Cin, Le Papillon, Plumed Horse and Slanted Door.  Click here to see our restaurant list.

Welcome to ECOPIA Farms Direct.